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Costa Blanca 41 Club
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Costa Balanca 41 Club

Sick Bay

  Jane Mack

18th March 2020
​Sorry to report that David Mack has been in touch to advise that Jane suffered a mini-stroke during their annual winter visit to Javea and was taken to Denia Hospital for treatment.  I am pleased to say that Jane has been released from hospital and David and Jane plan to return home and drive back to the UK on 26th March.  David and Jane have been in touch with their local GP in Frome and arrangements are being made to refer Jane to a vascular surgeon for further treatment.  We all wish Jane a safe journey home and a speedy recovery.
Lesley Stebbing

20th March 2020
Late Sunday Lesley fell over indoors quite badly and damaged her hip and groin. She was taken to Denia hospital by ambulance. She had a x-ray where it was discovered that she had a small crack in her pelvis. She also has torn ligaments.
Luckily, through her uncle Don I managed to arrange a couple of nurses to help with her care.

23rd March 2020
I thought I would give you an update IRO of the Stebbing Casa. Lesley is still in pain and at the moment her routine consist of bed-wheelchair-bed. Thank goodness I was able to obtain the services of a couple of nurses. 
I spoke to our travel insurers just to cover the costs so far, however they have decided to repatriate both of us to the UK.
We are waiting a phone call to confirm this will be the case and when. If so it will be in the next 7 days.
I will keep you up-dated.