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Costa Blanca 41 Club
​​A place in the sun for the Ex-Round Tabler​​

Sick Bay

Michael Beaumont
31st May 2019​​​

Michael has had a stroke and is in Denia Hospital. He is not being allowed home because it has made him quite aggressive. I will contact Jo again after the weekend, to see if he can have visitors. If so, I'll go and see him next week.
Bob  Oxley

UPDATE 4th June
I visited Michael on Monday in Denia Hospital. His son has been over for a few days, and is going back to the UK today. Michael was sitting up in a chair, but was obviously in some pain from time to time.
He is being moved to the IMED hospital in Teulada today. I will try and see him again before the end of the week and give you an update.
I saw Jo breifly at Denia as she left to go to Teulada to complete the paperwork. I think that she may well appreciate a word or two of support from one or two of the ladies if they have the time.

UPDATE 5th June
Elaine spoke to Joanne on the telephone this afternoon and Michael has now moved to the Residencia, Tuelada and would be pleased to see any visitors from the club.

To help find the Residencia here is the link to the website          CLICK HERE

UPDATE 18th June
David McAulay and I visited Michael this afternoon.  We were with him for about an hour and I am pleased to report that he was in good spirits and happy to chat about various things including 41 Club.  He experienced a few memory lapses but was generally in good form and I am sure he would appreciate regular visits from other 41 Club members.

Costa Balanca 41 Club
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