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Costa Blanca 41 Club
​​A place in the sun for the Ex-Round Tabler​​

Chairman 'Blethers' on!

First Contact
Costa Blanca 41
2000 Iberian Cluster
It was great to see so many members at Restaurante Montevideo on Wednesday for our re-scheduled June regular meeting. 

The previous week on Thursday 14th June we had a good representation at the 12th Charter celebration of our near neighbours Calpe 41 held at the picturesque Puerto Blanca.  All those present were welcomed  
by Calpe Chairman Malcolm Lee  prior to proposing a toast to the Ladies. Our very own Tangent  National President Gill Harris brought greetings from National and it was particularly pleasing to hear her complimentary remarks on ‘our interruption’ at the Tangent National AGM in Belfast.   National President Phil Ellis presented his personal banners while delivering one of the shortest addresses ever heard from a NP.  This was much appreciated by those present as it was time to let the dancing commence.
Cava Reception beside the pool at Puerto Blanca
In years gone by it was traditional for incoming Chairman to prepare a brief or not so brief account of their life prior to joining Costa Blanca 41 to appear in the Club Newsletter.  Now that our main form of communication is the club website it has been suggested that I give you an insight into my background.  Well here goes.
Having attended Inverness Royal Academy, both primary and secondary school, for thirteen years I joined the Bank of Scotland in my home town of Inverness on 6th June 1966 – all the sixes!  My sporting interests while at school were rugby and athletics and on joining ‘The Bank’ rugby continued to play an important part in my social and sporting life.  I was a bit of a flyer in those days and took up my position on the wing playing for three clubs (Highland, Lochaber and Perthshire) at various levels as I moved around the country during my early days with ‘The Bank’.  In 1974, the year Elaine and I married, I was transferred to Edinburgh and over the next few years with regular promotions worked in a number of city Branches and a Head Office 
Inverness Royal Academy 1950's
Department before moving to Dunfermline and finally a Management position in Aberdeen in the early 80’s when I joined Aberdeen Bon Accord Round Table and our social life changed immediately!  After less than two years in the Granite City we moved to Bristol where I took up a Senior Management  position and transferred my Table membership to Henleaze Round Table.  Four years later were off again this time to Birmingham following another promotion and set up home in Sutton Coldfield with another social transfer required but this time in 41 to Sutton Coldfield Ex-Tablers Club.  After three years in Brum I was appointed Regional Manager in Coventry and commuted daily for five years.  Then back to another Executive job in Birmingham where I remained until I was delighted to accept early retirement in September 2000 at the tender age of 52.
I was 35 when I joined Round Table and with a change of Table at age 37  I never had the opportunity to become Table Chairman.  I was the obvious Club Treasurer in Aberdeen (there was a vote!), Secretary and Social Secretary in Henleaze and Area Treasurer for Area 12 in my final year.  Joined Henleaze 41 Club in 1988 and was Secretary/Vice Chairman the following year when due to business commitments I transferred to Sutton Coldfield where I was Treasurer and finally Chairman in 1993/94.  The year before I had the honour of being President of Sutton Coldfield 183 and in April 1994 I was successful in the election 
​​Official Photo and Presidential Banner​​
for National Treasurer at the national AGM in Great Yarmouth and held that post until 1999 when I was appointed National Vice President and National President Designate 2000-01.  The rest is history!

My first contact with Costa Blanca 41 Club was at the 2000 Iberian Cluster in Gibraltar where I met our then Chairman Bob Grainger, Tony Ogden, Alan Oliver, Steve Moores and their ladies.  I managed to somehow persuade Bob to invite me to the Club’s 15th Charter in March 2001 and I renewed my acquaintance with them and others when I joined CB 41 in 2009 never thinking for one minute that the day would come when I would become your Chairman.
Back in the UK I am an active member of Lichfield 41 Club and was honoured to be their President  in 2009/10.  I am also a Life Member of Henleaze 41 Club and received a similar honour from Sutton Coldfield Ex-Tablers' Club but regrettably they have now disaffiliated from the movement.

I think that is more than you really need to know about my background except to say that I am delighted to be your Chairman this year and look forward to being with you as often as possible.  Next month we return to the usual format with our regular meeting on the first Wednesday of July so hopefully I will see as many of the membership as possible at the meeting as the following day Elaine and I return to the UK but we are looking forward to a return to Jesus Pobre in September.

Gordon                                                                                                                                                      Chairman                                                                                                                            Home Page                                                                                                                                                                    

When in Javea pay us a visit