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Costa Blanca 41 Club
​​A place in the sun for the Ex-Round Tabler​​

Chairman's Page

Dear forty-oners,

If everything was as normal I would have been in charge of my first meeting as Club Chairman on Wednesday but as we all know the world is a very different place these days. However I thought that would provide me with excellent opportunity to give you a little background on your new Chairman.
After being born on the steps of Rochford Hospital, Essex (I’ve always been in a hurry) I spent the first 9 years in “Sowfend” (Southend) until my Farther won the pools as a result  we moved to Hornchurch, still in Essex, (it wasn’t part of Greater London then).My senior schooling was at Dury Falls Secondary Modern School.

David Sebbing
Chairman 2020-21
When I left at 16 I joined an Insurance Broking firm, where I was appointed as office manager at 21. It was here I first met this very attractive young lady with long blond hair called Lesley.

As we were thinking of getting married, and being ambitious, I joined a much larger firm as a commercial account executive reaching the position of Director.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Round Table and joined Brentwood 385 in 1971 at the grand old age of 25.

In 1972 Lesley and I were married and spent our honeymoon in west Wales where it rained most of the time but we weren’t bothered, as you can guess!

During my time in Brentwood Round Table I held various positions including “Functions Chairman” and “Community Service Chairman” where I led Brentwood’s participation in the Anthony Nolan’s appeal where we registered hundreds of blood samples. For a time we ran Brentwood’s Carnival in which I was involved again. That might be something to do with being on the Carnival Queen judging panel. Brentwood also ran an Annual Spring Fair and a large November Fireworks event both of which raised thousands of pounds for charity.

In 1981 a fellow Director and I left and formed our own business, Parkwood Insurance Broker, handling all types of business but mainly commercial.

It was during this time that I served as Chairman of Brentwood Round Table.

In 1998 we amalgamated with another firm, Brett Sinclair, forming Parkwood Sinclair and trebling our size overnight.  We were proud that organisations like The British Museum and Crufts were listed as our clients.

We could see that the insurance world was changing so we decided to sell the business which we did in 2004. I then became an employee for 3 years, eventually just a consultant.

Having been chucked out of Table at 40, I joined Brentwood 41 club where I been Chairman twice.

Looking back, Round Table was the best of times and I never regretted that first interview all those years ago.

I hope it is not too long before we can return to our normal calendar of events but in the meantime stay safe, stay well and stay sane.

Yours in continued friendship,

David Stebbing                                                                                                               HOME PAGE


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