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Costa Blanca 41 Club
​​A place in the sun for the Ex-Round Tabler​​

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"I've Always
in a hurry"

If everything was as normal I would have been in charge.........  MORE

David Stebbing
Chairman 2020-21
Due to the Coronaviuris Convid-19 it is regretted that all meetings are suspended for the foreseeable future. Please watch the website for updates
Paul Ridge - Secretary
Tel:     627810279 (Spain) & 07557 104684 (UK)

Gentlemen, it is always good to see you at our social and monthly meetings. It is regrettable that both are suspended at present as we face the restrictions imposed by the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, but we hope that you all stay safe and that we can meet again soon.

I am pleased to advise that there is no increase to our annual subscription for 2020/21, which will remain at €12.00. If you live in the UK and don’t wish to incur exchange rate costs by paying in euros, I can give you a sterling account into which you can pay £12.00 through BACS, negating any other costs. Please request the bank details by email, ‘’.
Bob Oxley - Treasurer

The Trembaths Dementure Home where my wife Sue is, in Herts., has just confirmed no changes to Sue's condition, nor medicines, etc. She has been in there 4.5 years now. Also, that none of the staff or patients have COVID  -19. Well done Rene (the Manager) and the team. 
All equally well with my partner Sherly and I and family here. Like you, I continue with the self isolation but in my case lots of "things to do" around the house and in my Workshop. And now 2 x jigsaws if I need an alternative. Plus have a small but OK garden and can walk around our "Security guarded" complex. Aren't we the lucky ones with size of our houses, etc., etc. It is those millions who have to earn something every day and often live say 6-8 in v. small building, that have the real problems and need support.
COVID -19 still effectively nil on my island of  Batam, Indonesia, but we continue with separation, masks, thermometer, checks, etc.  The big worry is that when Indonesians are out of work - as many are here now - they flee back to their original villages. The Annual MUDIK due in 2 weeks when by tradition millions do go back to home towns. Very high risk of C-19 being carried from , say, capital Jakarta.   
We wish Boris a successful recovery. Wishing you all a peaceful and safe Easter. 
Stay Safe, Best,
Keith Hyde
Chairman 2018-18
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